Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

The customer experience depends on how well the customer experience they receive matches their expectations. And although this is a subjective category of product evaluation, ultimately the data obtained can also be combined into groups according to the similarity of perception and summarized in statistics.

Customer satisfaction can be assessed using feedback and subsequent analysis of the information received. Online research may include:

  • online surveys;
  • interviewing;
  • writing customer reviews on the site;
  • interacting with the rating buttons on landing pages or in the brand’s social networks.

The customer’s loyalty to the company depends on the level of customer satisfaction. If he liked everything, then he will make repeated purchases and recommend the company to others. It is beneficial for business to cooperate with such a client. And often the key to increasing sales is to turn customers who are indifferent to the business or even have a negative interaction experience into loyal ones. Sometimes it is cheaper than finding a potential new client and building a relationship with him from scratch. And to find what is the reason for the dissatisfaction of existing customers and why they do not return, marketing research will just help.

Further actions of the company already depend on the results of the work carried out. It may be necessary to improve the product, work on the service, or it will be enough to work out the reputation on the Internet or improve the usability of the site.

Brand awareness research

Brand awareness is a measure of how familiar the audience is with the company. It can be compared to when a person can distinguish between a logo and a company name by associating it with a specific product. Recognition can be assessed in the following ways:

  • Through search engine metrics. Google.Analytics allows you to estimate the amount of incoming direct traffic, and Search Console shows brand queries and entries for each of them;
  • According to the Brand Force formula. You need to divide the BF (share of those who know the brand) by 100%, then multiply by the share of those who highlighted the strongest brand emotion and divide by 10%. Add to the result the number of brand features that exceed consumer expectations. The minimum score to be considered a brand should be 1.5 units. The maximum value is 10;
  • Online polls. The good old method of finding out if potential or existing customers associate you with a product or service;
  • Mention count. You just need to record the number of mentions in online media and social networks, as well as request publication coverage and clicks (if a link to your site is provided).

When analyzing brand awareness, marketers should consider not only where and how much they talk about you, but also how. If the media writes about your company in a negative way, dozens or even hundreds of negative comments from customers have accumulated on reviewers, and you are reposted on social networks only to talk about bad interaction, then something urgently needs to be done about it. Webpromo provides online reputation management services and can save your image in the online space.

If they don’t say anything about the company and almost don’t mention it, it’s not bad. Such research results only indicate that marketing activities are needed in order to increase awareness.

Campaign Research

Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is a mandatory step in paid promotion on Google, Facebook/Instagram or YouTube. Moreover, we recommend that it be carried out not only upon completion of the RC, but also in the process. This will optimize key advertising indicators so as to achieve the result with the least expenditure of resources.

For example, it is not uncommon to change ad creatives, ad texts, or headlines several times before the end of an advertising campaign, as their effectiveness drops after a while.

To analyze advertising campaigns, Google Analytics data and internal statistics in the advertising account where ads were launched are most often used (if on Facebook – in Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Business Suite, if on TikTok – in TikTok Ads, etc.).


Online marketing research is already an integral part of today’s marketing. They require less time and money to obtain the necessary information, simplify the communication process and allow more people to get involved. Moreover, when interacting with users through digital tools, the chance to get an honest and most objective assessment of a brand’s product or service increases.

However, as an effective internet marketing agency, we recommend limiting marketing research to goals, objectives, and deadlines. This way you will have more time and energy to implement the ideas that appeared in the process of data processing.